The Paleo Diet



You’re literally sick of all of the processed, unhealthy concoctions that corporations are trying to pass off as food these days. The Paleo Diet (aka Caveman Diet) rids your body of today’s toxic foods by focusing on the foods hunted and gathered by our ancestors.
Our bodies are not genetically adapted to eat the majority of today’s American diet: salt, refined sugar, processed oils, even grains, legumes, potatoes, or dairy products. And now our bodies are paying the price with heart disease, cancer, and obesity. We were designed to eat what we could hunt or gather, such as wild game or animals, fish, vegetables, fruits, roots, berries and nuts. There is no calorie or carb counting and strict meal plans or schedules. This is not a gimmick or fad. This is about ridding ourselves of modern diseases caused by modern diets and learning from our ancestors.
If you are to cleanse your body of today’s toxic foods and watch the pounds drop right off, start the Paleo Diet today!

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