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The WOD Shop is an application that allows "CrossFitters" to get their workout of the day.

There are no workout lists to pick and choose from. WODs are generated from a database of 4000+ workouts without the user knowing the exact nature of the task.

WODs are generated from the following categories:

* Weightlifting - Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting workouts
* Endurance - Swimming, biking, running, or indoor rowing
* Bodyweight - Workouts involving bodyweight exercises only
* Kettlebells - Kettlebell workouts with or without bodyweight exercises
* Singlets - Single element workouts; weightlifting (W), endurance(M), or bodyweight (B)
* Couplets - Two element workouts; WM, BM, WW, WB, etc.
* Triplets - Three element workouts - BWM, WBM, WWB, BBB, etc.
* Hybrids - Mixed-modal workouts, four or more exercises performed for multiple rounds
* Chippers - Multiple exercises in single round format
* The Hopper - All workouts
* AMRAP - Work-priority WODs, "As many rounds as possible"
* Hero - WODs named in honor of fallen Mil/LEO
* Girls - CFHQ's original named benchmark WODs
* Strength Bias - Short duration heavy metcons consistent with CFSB programming
* EMOTM - Every Minute on the Minute WODs

For example, choosing a "triplet" could result in a WOD that looks like this:

3 rounds
10x Clean & jerk (135#/95#)
15x Burpees
Row 500m

There's your workout.

Loads will be rx'd for most WODs that involve weightlifting (i.e., 135# for guys, 95# for girls in this example). If you cannot perform your WOD then scale back the reps and/or loads, modify or substitute an exercise, or click to get another workout.

Click on the star to "favourite" your WOD. Favourites are available even when you have no data access.

The WOD Shop is not affiliated with CrossFit Inc.

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