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    Are cell phones safe? Phone radiation warnings are published in all user manuals by law, but many users forget to keep the phone at a safer proximity away from the head, a gesture which would help protect them from harmful EMF radiation. Too Close ™ is designed to constantly remind you to keep a spatial distance between the phone and your head. You can customize Too Close ™ to give reminders at different intervals and you can select from several alert types according to your preference.

    Too Close ™ takes advantage of spatial proximity data with a proprietary system designed to issue an alert any time your cellular phone remains near the head during a phone call. At set intervals, reminders will encourage you to use your speakerphone or a headset instead of risking mobile phone radiation exposure near the head or body. In order to direct a behavioral change toward safer cell phone use, Too Close™ runs in the background in “always-on” mode. Regardless of your settings, the application will turn itself “on” upon the device’s restart.

    Its purpose is to provide a constant reminder to keep distance between the phone and the head.

    The Too Close™ for Android OS safety application is the first among a line of family safety software and hardware products produced by Green Swan, Inc.

    Technical Description

    Too Close™ runs in the background.
    Permissions that are required for Too Close™ app are:
    Hardware controls
    - To control audio, Too Close™ plays its notifications to Media mixer, not the earphone mixer. So be sure to adjust your media volume for the most comfortable, yet safe, experience.
    - Too Close™ uses the device’s built-in vibrator to notify you.
    Phone calls
    - In order for Too Close™ to be able to warn you, it needs to be aware of the phone call being in progress. Too Close™ does not make voice, or data calls on your behalf.
    System tools
    - Too Close™ prevents your device from sleeping in order to be able to warn you.
    Automatically start at boot. Too Close™ starts automatically upon the start of your device.
    Power Consumption:
    - Battery consumption is not affected by your choice of the application state: “on” or “off.”
    - Too Close™ requires starting upon the boot process in order to provide the constant reminders.
    To extend battery life:
    - After setting up a Google account on your Android device, data communication takes place in the background. To extend battery life, disable auto sync option under Settings > “Accounts and sync”, and synchronize to your Google account manually when necessary.
    - Keeping your device’s Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, GPS, GLONASS, and NFC on is often the main cause of battery drain.
    - In the event of excessive power consumption or a phone malfunction, restart the phone by pressing the volume up and power key at the same time for 8 seconds, or by pressing and holding the power key and selecting Power off.
    On Android RAM management:
    - To enable quick reopening, Android Operating System’s applications remain in the memory, even when they are “closed”.

    When there is not enough memory, the low memory killer (LMK) frees memory automatically by clearing the least recently used (LRU) list.
    On Third-Party Task Managers:
    - Apps like Advanced Task Killer, and Autorun Manager would only degrade your experience with Too Close™ app, as it runs in the background, in always-on mode, and requires an autostart functionality to always stay persistent in memory.

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    Thank you.

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