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    Track your cardio training year round with Track My Laps from CardioPro.

    Track My Laps does not rely on GPS so it is the perfect solution for those times when you are running inside. It keeps track of your laps and tracks your time, distance, speed, pace and calorie burn during your workout.
    Enter in the number of laps per mile (or kilometer) and press start. Each time you complete a lap press the button. Your laps, time, distance, speed, pace and calories will all be calculated and displayed for you. You can tell Track My Laps how far you would like to run and it will notify you when you have reached your goal or you can just start running and let it know when your workout is finished.
    Your current lap and elapsed time are displayed for easy reference. Your total time, laps, distance, calories, average pace and average speed are also displayed and updated during your workout.

    Once your workout is complete you can view the all of the workout statistics:
    *Date and time of the workout.
    *Laps completed
    *Total time and distance of the workout.
    *Maximum, minimum and average speed.
    *Fastest, slowest and average pace.
    *Calories burned
    *Breakdown of each lap including time, speed and pace.

    Track My Laps keeps a history of all of your workouts. Workout history features include:
    *View all previous workouts including overall statistics and per lap statistics.
    *Ability to name your workouts in order to easily reference them at a later time.
    *Sort your workouts so you can locate them easier.

    Other features include:
    *Your workout will pause automatically if you receive a phone call. You can restart your workout when you are finished.
    *Set the phone to vibrate, play a tone, do both or do nothing so that you can be notified when a workout is finished.
    *Switch positions of buttons on the workout screen to support left handed and right handed users.

    Upgrade to Track My Laps Pro and get these additional features:

    Performance charting:
    *Each workout will have a chart of the broken down by lap. You can view charts for your time, speed and pace.
    *Compare workouts. Overall statistics and lap statistics are displayed side by side. You can also chart time, speed and pace for the workouts.

    Try to beat your time:
    *Pick a previous workout and try to beat it. Track My Laps will show your performance in comparison to the previous workout.
    *At the end of the workout the two workouts will be shown side by side so you know how you did.

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