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Keep track of anything and everything over time

  • Track anything and everything
  • Clean layout
  • Nice idea with the plugin
  • Plugin doesn't seem to do anything
  • Paid features should be available for free

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"But how many times do you track each day?"

Whether you want to change a daily habit or simply want to know how often something occurs, tracking is the absolute best way to measure what you're really up to. Francesco Marassi's Trackthisforme gives you a platform to keep count of anything you like, from cups of coffee to hours of sleep to daily weight to fluctuations in mood.

Create a category for each aspect of your life you want to track. Add an element every time you take a measure - this involves inputting quantity, satisfaction, and a personal note. Over time, the app will keep count of your progress, and you'll be able to see your behavior over time in a chart. The widget option lets you track from your homescreen for quick and easy access; you can also sign in from the website for tracking from your computer if you wish.

There are plenty of extra features that look really interesting, like comparisons of two different categories over time and visualized stats pages generated from your input, but these all require purchasing the upgraded version of the app. You're also restricted to just five categories in the free version. Personally, I think these extras should be included for free - otherwise, I'm much more inclined to just set myself up a spreadsheet so that I can have complete control over the display myself (there are also other apps out there that will do this for free). I'm a stats nerd, though, so YMMV.

The Trackthisforme SmartCategories plugin theoretically enables the mother app to be able to automatically track stats from your phone (such as frequency of SMS sent/received). I installed it, but then couldn't manage to find it within the app. I like the idea, but how to make use of it needs to be much more obvious.

Francesco Marassi's Trackthisforme app is built around a solid idea, but it should offer more general usability.

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Nov 13, 2013

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