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It is an application to record.

1.An item to record is created.
 -> [Setting list] → [new]
2.A setup is edited.
 -> A name, a unit, a desired value, etc. are set up.
3.An item to record is registered per date.
 -> The item name of a TOP screen is chosen.
 -> A numerical value is inputted.
4.It displays in a graph.
 -> [graph] of a TOP screen
5.Statistics are checked.
 -> [Statistics] of a TOP screen

+ Backup function
+ The kind of graph

* Although it is due to extend little by little,
please contact the following,
if there are an opinion and a demand.

+ Graphics function
+ Notice function
+ Statistics function

Internet access:
It is used for an advertising display.
Reading and writing to SD card:
It is used in order to backup.
a start-up:
it is used in order to perform a notice function.

+ I think that it is easier-to-use and I will develop the application which I have satisfied.
Thank you for your consideration.
+ I can't speak English very well.
When there is a mistranslation, I want you to teach.

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