Understanding Glycemic Index

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    Understanding Glycemic Index

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    The Glycemic Index is a rating system for foods where any type of carbohydrate has a numerical value assigned to it based on its components and how each food affects the body’s sugar levels.

    Understanding Glycemic Index will show how the Glycemic Index is calculated and how to use it effectively as a guide to live healthier.

    It will show that following the Glycemic Index can be done very easily and that the benefits of following the Index are many.

    You will see how controlling the foods you eat based on the Glycemic Index will allow you to lose weight, reduce your risk of diabetes, and lower your cholesterol, just to name a few.

    The Glycemic Index is linked directly to the sugars in foods and how they are absorbed.

    Thanks for your interest in Understanding Glycemic Index Please feel free to download this guide and we hope it it will be useful to you.

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