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Universal Breathing: Pranayama's review


Slow breathing exercises to lower stress and increase general well-being

  • Can adjust breaths per minute
  • Aural and visual cues
  • Soothing chanting in the background
  • Works....?
  • Slightly hoodoo

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"Take a deep breath"

I don't know much regarding New Age hoodoo (nor that voodoo that you do), but I do know I'm a big fan of breathing. Saagara's Pranayama app purports to take this oxygen addiction of mine to the next level with graduated, meditative breathing exercises.

The app is actually pretty cool - select your desired pace of breathing (from slow to slower to slowest), and the timer will count down six minutes of guidance. Inhale and exhale based on the rotating circle, or simply listen to the shifts in the musical tones and breathe along with them. The aural cues mean you can easily close your eyes and meditate while following the slow breathing patterns.

I tried this in the office immediately after downing a shot of espresso (good morning!), and, shockingly, it actually seemed to work. I felt myself growing more aware of my heartbeat and simply focusing in general. I don't know if it was because I normally breathe like a hummingbird or if it can be attributed to the soothing effects of the chanting, but I liked it (would breathe again).

The free version of the app only includes the "Beginner" setting. You'll have to pony up for the more hardcore modes.

Saagara's Pranayama takes respiration to a whole new level.

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