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You receive regular reminders in the post to get your eyes tested and you don't respond, you just stick them straight in the bin. You're probably one of the 40% of people that haven’t had your eyes tested in the last two years and although you are convinced they're fine, you find that your vision isn't quite as good as it used to be; but you don’t have time to go down to the opticians to be sure, and to be quite honest you can’t really be bothered. Sound familiar? Introducing, the all new Vision Test App: an eye test in the palm of your hand.

From Visual Acuity, Astigmatism and Colour Tests - Vision Test will asses your eyes in a variety of different ways, all from the comfort of your own home. If it turns out you really do need to go the optician, the app will let you know; and even locate your nearest one!

**** FEATURES ****
- Visual Acuity Test
- Astigmatism Test
- Duochrome Test
- Colour Test
- Far field vision test
- Optician Finder
- Eye Quiz
- Eye Tips and facts

**** WARNING ****
This app provides a basic guideline for your eye sight, and is not intended to replace a full eye examination by a registered optician.

- Holding the paper at arms length - granddad style
- Guessing what to have in a restraint because you can't read the menu

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