Vital Steps




    For over twenty years the healthcare industry has turned to Vital Steps for sound, research-supported, and medically-based exercise programs. Our allied professional staff of Medical Exercise and Cardiac Rehab Specialists, Osteoporosis & Cancer Specialists, Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Group Training Instructors and Conditioning Coaches has delivered thousands of customized programs with measurable physical, cognitive, and emotional outcomes.

    Vital Steps has partnered with Vital Management™ and MedFit Rehab™ to bring an established unique brand of health, fitness, and wellness experiences to busy
    corporate and medical environments. Collectively we work as wellness ambassadors in our respective communities to help our clients lead more productive, balanced lives via innovative products and services, like our corporate app Interactive Vital Trainer™ (IVT) and our signature programming, Vital Care™, for chronic conditions, such as cancer and cardiac rehabilitation.

    The vital Steps APP features are:
    - QR Code coupons
    - Schedules
    - Register for consult
    - Helpful Tips
    - Loyalty Rewards
    and much more