Warm-up run before



The "Wii Fit supervised training" that
Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, supervised by the United States!
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♪ ♪ fully compatible with au docomo SoftBank
"Warm-up before the run"
Increase the fat burning effect ~! ~
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When you do a warm up before running and chitin, the body will move easily, you can prevent injuries while running.

Since momentum is also growing up distance running, will be a shortcut to the diet also ★

With this app, you can move rhythmically primarily used in the running, the hip muscles, lower back, the peripheral portion of the scapula.

★ (13 minutes and 33 seconds) recording program
A. Walk up the balance [hip]
Two. Lunge and rotation balance [up]
Three. [Up] balance elbow rotation
Four. [Training] A leg swing
Five. [Training] A leg rotation

★ app feature

□ available all the way!
┗ membership registration, monthly fee, and does not require any additional charge, available for a long time.

□ It is safe even in first!
┗ can see from the angle, so movement of the exercise like 360 ​​degrees in touch ♪ carefully explained with the "voice of the Japanese" and "Video 3D" all, it is safe even in first.

□ you can leave the record!
┗ best recording can also be shared to "twitter" "Facebook" "mixi" ♪ results saved in "calendar format"!

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