Warrior Fitness Center




    What is Warrior Fitness Center?

    Coaching and Training facility specializing in metabolic boot camps and sport specific training

    No-Non sense workouts that focus on technique as well as getting you results.

    Our Coaches have trained athletes for football, wrestling, baseball, basketball, soccer, and MMA. Our coaches have also worked closely with weekend warriors, stay at home moms, and everyday people looking to improve their lives through fitness.

    You can expect body weight training and strength training with dumbbells, kettle bells, sleds, tires, sandbags, plyometrics, speed and agility training, MMA training, as well as cross-fit inspired workouts, and ZUMBA!!!!!

    Our Warrior Fit camps (Boot camps) will last 45 min with warm up and cool down.
    Sports Specific training sessions will run 1hr long with a warm up and cool down
    Speed and Agility workouts will last 45 min with a warm up and cool down

    What can you expect from Warrior Fitness Center?

    1.) No-Nonsense workouts
    2.) REAL results
    3.) Proper technique
    4.) Seasoned Coaches with experience
    5.) Passion to help you become a stronger you
    6.) REAL results
    7.) Coaches who care
    8.) Becoming part of a community of Warriors!

    Omaha, Nebraska

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