Water Therapy




    Why go to the medicine cabinet for every ailment when hydrotherapy helps your body effectively overcome common diseases by using simple therapy that do not leave foreign chemicals behind. Water therapy is a magical term which cures common illnesses and helps in relaxation and pain relief.

    The use of water for therapy has been around for hundreds of years, as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, and forms an integral part in many traditional medicine systems.

    Water therapy can be used at home with limited equipment which are used for our domestic purpose. Some of the diseases which can be cured under this therapy are headache, hypertension, anemia, rheumatism, general paralysis, obesity, arthritis, sinusitis, tachycardia, anesthesia, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, meningitis, hepatic, urogenital diseases, hyper acidity, dysentery, rectal prolapse, constipation, diabetes, eye troubles, ophthalmic hemorrhage, ophthalmic, irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea, uterine cancer, cancer of the mammary glands, rhinitis and pharyngitis.

    This app uses the GreenDroid library and uses the concept of Recipebook by johkil.

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