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WebMD for Android's review

One of the most widely-used online medical resources comes to iPhone

  • My Habits
  • Apple Watch reminders
  • Essential first aid
  • Focused on US
  • Some conditions missing

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"Look Up Symptoms, Get Healthy"


Physician-reviewed content means you can be sure you're receiving accurate and up-to-date health advice with WedMD. While it can't replace a visit to a health professional, the symptom checker and first aid advice is a great starting point.


My Habits encourages healthy eating and regular exercise; tracking of glucose, weight and other variables is possible too. You can view medication reminders on Apple Watch, and the database of drugs is impressive too. There are plenty of sources referenced beneath information for further reading. The first aid tips include everything from snake bites to resuscitation.


It's aimed at US consumers, so you can't find local chemists or hospitals outside of America. Some conditions aren't included, even though corresponding medication is.

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by Oliver

Jun 04, 2015

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