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    ★Lose Weight with Positive Affirmation
    ★Motivation to Exercise; Loss Body Weight
    ★Gain Confidence thru Hypnotic
    ★Change Level of Consciousness
    ★Slim and Fit with Hypnotherapy Subliminal Messages

    Have you fallen into poor eating and exercise habits? Boost your confidence, metabolism and motivation to levels you never knew via hypnotic, by progressive Weight Loss Hypnotherapy App.

    Unlike any fad diet or slim fit methods of weight loss, this hypnotherapy app works with subconscious mind thru transformed level of consciousness to help you lose body weight, motivation to exercise, get positive affirmation, gain confidence and keep it off by getting to the root of the issue. In the hypnosis process of reprogramming your unconscious mind, you can develop better eating habits; increase motivation to exercise, confidence and master impulse control.

    Unhealthy body weight can negatively affect many aspects of your life. Not only can body weight affect your physical health but can lower your confidence, sex drive and even aggravate addictions like alcohol and smoking.

    This new Weight Loss Hypnotherapy App from Action-App is customizable and features various tools to jump start you on your road to success.

    Weight Loss Hypnotherapy App involves hypnosis, motivation to exercise, transform level of consciousness and affirmation messages that helps you in losing body weight accordingly slim and fit. Pleasant sounds, daily affirmation and hypnotize suggestions are sent to your unconscious mind over hypnotic to make you slim and fit.

    Hang on to Weight Loss Hypnosis App. Use power of hypnosis and subliminal messages to shed pounds, get motivation to exercise; loss body weight and feel great!!

    ★Weight Loss Hypnosis Features★

    ※Designed for all Android devices
    ※Deeply relaxing affirmation and hypnotic process
    ※Background sound effects in specific frequencies and keys enhance the subliminal suggestions and intensify the relaxation state
    ※Latest hypnotherapy techniques and hi-tech digital recordings
    ※Positive affirmations delivered in stereo echo which pan from ear to ear
    ※Detailed instructions that can be opted out of, once you have learned how this amazing hypnotic subliminal technique works
    ※Customize your sessions with the option to listen subliminal track multiple times

    The human mind is a complex and potent tool. Over the years, Neuroscience has proven that “will-power” actually has very little to do with controlling the subconscious. It has also been proven that to gain long-term control of yourself, your emotions and poor living habits, the subconscious must be involved. Subliminal messages are used to do just that to make you slim and fit. Subliminal messages tap into your subconscious to help improve yourself, in ways you never thought possible. Subliminal messages can change the way you act, think, believe and what you are capable of.

    ★How do subliminal messages work?★

    Subliminal messages are often referred to as subliminal stimuli and are sensory related stimuli below a person’s level of conscious perception. The messages are submitted to you at high frequencies and keys that help boost the meditation effect and guide into a deep state of mental, emotional and physical relaxation that allows your subconscious to unblock and receive positive affirmations to improve the way of life. Powerful subliminal suggestions are rooted under the peaceful sounds of nature to maximize the efficacy of the messages.

    Subliminal messages enable subconscious to influence and transform the origin of consciousness, allowing special messages to fortify willpower and form new consciousness to give more understanding and control of your impulses and causes of your actions.

    ★Subliminal Messages improves your life by changing the below★


    Subliminal messages have the ability to change your thought process, hence change your behavior to set you free from negatives on your life.

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