Weight Loss Yoga



Weight Loss Yoga App is an emotional and spiritual approach to weight management.
Yoga helps to bring the body into balance and a regular yoga session, several times a week, will certainly bring you tangible benefits such as shedding a few extra kilos and increasing your muscle tone.

Practicing Weight Loss Yoga can result in many benefits :
* Weight Loss.
* Manage Stress.
* Peace of Mind.
* Positive Changes in Attitude.
* Gives a Spiritual approach to body and soul.
* Attractive and Flexible body.
* Helps in Building self-control, patience and concentration.

Weight Loss Yoga App contain the Asanas for Weight Loss along with their Animation.


★★★★★ 3D animated teaching
★★★★★ 30+ poses
★★★★★ variety of optional in the background
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★★★★★ Free forever!!!

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