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    The innovative Weight loss program that helps you reach your goal:
    Set your weight goal, eat what you like until the traffic light turns red.

    WeightCoach calculates a personal weight management program for you.
    Cleverly selected food-item buttons make data entry easy and fast. No complex searches. No long lists to search!

    1. WeightCoach sets a Calorie limit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    2. You enter what you eat and drink
    3. A traffic light tells you when you have reached the target and should stop eating.

    Simply click on the food-item buttons and get clear feedback on whether you can eat more or should stop eating.

    If you want to loose weight you probably already know that it is difficult to realise your goal. Food is everywhere and a good overview of what you eat, is missing.

    Using WeightCoach makes achieving your weight target a fun experience. It works fast and provides you with clear feedback on your Calorie intake. It helps you manage your everyday food intake by giving tips and providing you with tasty yet healthy recipes.

    Don't you know what to eat for dinner? WeightCoach comes with daily food suggestions to help you eat healthy, tasty meals and, at the same time, be weight-aware.

    Enter your physical activities, to adjust your daily Calorie need.

    Clear graphs and tables inform you of your progress.

    Try it now. The weight coach is waiting for you.