What is Herpes?



Herpes can be a very upsetting virus to contract. It can be passed innocently from one person to another, yet cold sores, and especially genital herpes, can cause embarrassment, anger, and mental suffering.

What is Herpes? teaches you everything you need to know about this virus.

>Answer the question "Do I have herpes?" as quickly and privately as possible
> Watch videos with doctors discussing how to identify symptoms
> See photos of herpes simplex blisters, to help you identify them
> Arrange for a fast, confidential STD test at a clinic local to you
> Find safe, USDA approved organic ways to treat your outbreak
> Get the latest news on herpes simplex virus
> Find books about herpes

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) does not mean the end of your love life, or turn you into a social outcast. Educate yourself with our free app.

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