Workout Assistant



A companion for all your outdoors sports workouts!

Provides all usefull information to monitor your workouts including: time, distance, speed, heart rate*, location.
Lets you program your workout: automatic or fixed laps, time-based or distance-based, plus workout target time.

WA speaks! And announces running time, distance... at each autolap, as well as the remaining time to target.

Saves workout data** in XML, KML and ODS formats for an easy transfer to PC. An history log of workout is available directly on your phone for data analysis.

Displays details for the entire workout and on a per-lap basis: time, distance, speed and heart rate* directly on your phone.
Displays heart rate*, altitude and speed graphs directly on your phone.
Displays GPS-based path in Google Maps directly on your phone.

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* Requires a Zephyr HxM heart rate monitoring Bluetooth device:
** Feature unlocked after installing the paid WA license key application available from Market

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