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Best Free Authentic Yoga App for Android - Yoga for you.

Yoga – a wonderful exercise for the body and a practice that relaxes the mind!

With this collection we want to give you a resource of yoga postures with which you can start or
intensify your yoga practice – easily accessible wherever you go!

You will find detailed descriptions of yoga asanas, pictures of yoga poses performed by Yashendu
Goswami and even video clips to help you learn how to get into the postures.

We want to give you a wide choice of yoga asanas of different levels. You will find basic and advanced yoga poses and poses with different variations so that beginners, intermediate practitioners and experts likewise can benefit from our app.

Get immersed wherever you are and just start your practice.
Just remember: never cross your limits and take your time to relax in between.



- Authentic and Advanced Yoga taught by real yogis in yoga's country of origin.
- Around 48 Content Categories and 130 Contents.
- Detailed Description of each asana with tips & video from real yogi.
- You can save your favorite Yoga poses.
- Offline reading.
- Share yoga asanas with the world through gmail, google plus etc.

Extend your knowledge about yoga postures and advanced variations.
Enhance your practice with new Asanas, deepen your practice with the help of Yashendu.

Covers the following categories:

Lying Yoga Postures
Yoga For Mental Health
Yoga For Flexibility
Yoga For Bipolar
Sitting Yoga Postures
Yoga For Digestive System
Yoga At Work Place
Yoga For Nervous System
Standing Yoga Postures
Yoga For Women
Yoga In Bed
Yoga For Relaxation
Yoga For Heart
Partner Yoga
Kriya Yoga
Yoga For Balance
Yoga For Eyes
Yoga For Kids
Advanced Yoga Poses
Yoga For Legs
Yoga For Seniors
Yoga For Mooladhar Chakra
Yoga For Neck And Shoulder
Prenatal Yoga
Yoga For Swadhishthan Chakra
Yoga For Back Pain
Yoga For Joints And Arthritis
Yoga For Insomnia
Yoga For Manipoor Chakra
Yoga For Weight Loss
Yoga For Beauty
Yoga For Diabetes
Yoga For Anahat Chakra
Yoga For Stress Management
Yoga For Men
Yoga For Blood Pressure
Yoga For Vishuddhi Chakra
Yoga For Sexual Energy
Yoga For Beginners
Yoga For Hyperactivity
Yoga For Aagya Chakra
Yoga For Respiratory System
Yoga For Strength
Yoga For Migraine
Yoga For Sahastrasar Chakra

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