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針灸學 – 經絡與穴位

針灸學 – 經絡與穴位

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本程式由香港中文大學中醫學院製作,目的主要方便學習針灸人士可隨時隨地覆習經脈與穴位的相關資料, 並簡單介紹學習針灸的基本知識, 令學習針灸人士對針灸學有基本概念, 可以在經驗豐富的註冊中醫師指導下更有效地學習博大精深的針灸術。

(1)十二經脈和奇經八脈的經脈走向, 並附以圖解。
(2) 詳列397個穴位 (包括36個經外奇穴) 的定位、主治、解剖及針灸法等資料。
(3) 各穴位附以經絡圖解釋穴位位置, 圖片可以手指點擊放大, 縮小及移動。
(8)用戶可按經脈, 穴位 及疾病三方面查詢相關資訊。
(9)簡單概述學習針灸的其他知識, 如練習方法, 預備工作, 進針方法及注意事項等。
(10)有繁體及簡體中文, 英文三個文字版本方便不同人士使用。

School of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong developed this acupuncture app which aims to facilitate traditional Chinese Medicine students and other healthcare professionals to study acupuncture with the guidance of well experienced registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner effectively.

The content of the app include:
(1)The route of 12 meridians and 8 extraordinary merdians (with pictures).
(2)The location, indication and needling method of 397 acupoints (including 36 extraordinary points)
(3)Pictures for all meridians and acupoints can be enlarged and moved.
(4)Users can search the information according to the category of meridian, acupoints and diseases.
(5)Information like practicing method, preparation work, needling method and precaution are also listed.
(6)With Traditional, Simplified Chinese and English version.
(7)Update school activities of School of Chinese Medicine.

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    by geoffrey Cheung on 18/12/2013

    Network error remains unchanged over several weeks. Any updates ?

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    by Monkey Hau on 03/11/2013

    Seems they discontinued service in server side.

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    by 黄添春 on 25/06/2013

    可以随时随地温习针灸。 不知是否有 WINDOWS RT 版本?

  • (45 stars)

    by Rich Lee on 22/06/2013

    一開始還能夠參考內部的資料,內容真的很棒,很完整,也方便學員參考學習,絕對是部值得5星的作品,但自上星期開始就一直無法閱讀,一直data error,請作者修複,拜託。。謝謝

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    by Garito To on 05/02/2013

    Data error