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Alura : Cognitive Therapy Full


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★Alura: Cognitive Therapy (VERSION 3)★

Empowering people all over the world with our renowned brainwave technology & self development tools.

Assisting in Relaxation, Sleeping,Loosing Weight,Confidence,Quit Habits,Fuel Success,Help With Revision,Mental Phobias and more.


Featuring Brainwave Science. Specially designed brainwaves are used in improving your every day circumstances. Assisting you out of groggy mornings, Assisting your struggle in sleeping, assisting in relationships to feeling inspired and more. Choose the Brainwave you desire.

•Awakening :
This soundtrack is designed wake you to a fully focused alert state of mind stimulating the brain into a beta state. isochronic tones stimulate positive feelings and outlook as it stimulates you to feel alert and focused taking you out of a groggy state of mind naturally. Beta frequency of 12 Hz to 20 Hz.

•Guided Sleeping:
A powerful soundtrack for inducing deep relaxation that can ultimately guide you to sleep. A powerful stress reliever. Beta of around 12 Hz dropping to theta of 8 - 4 Hz then deeper delta between 2 - 4 Hz.

• New Beginnings:
This soundtrack is designed to give you a sense of relaxation to take away stress and anxiety and more importantly give you a sense that this is a new beginning for you. This powerful melodic soundtrack uses sound modulation techniques. binaural beats to relax you then the alpha range between 8 and 10 Hz .

A soundtrack of emotion, peace and calmness designed to heal stress and emotional baggage that can accumulate within everyday stresses of life. Combining a mix of Alpha and theta settings the sound vibrates according to these natural frequencies.

A stimulating theta brainwave experience utilizing binaural beats stimulating the brain into the theta state with ease. The atmospheric sound scope takes you deeper and deeper as it begins to evolve. Beta 12 Hz to theta range of 4 - 8 Hz.

Upbeat sound scape packing drums and base lines flowing with synths and melodies to create the inspirational feeling of power and ability to focus and create your desired goals. Beta frequency that rises from around 12 Hz and 20 Hz.

Finding a time to relax and meditate can be a powerful tool to remove stress from the body and mind and REFRESH you with new energy as if taking a night of the best sleep. Starting off in beta of around 12 Hz to theta.

New for version 2 you can set a time to your meditations so you can meditate for a short wile or for a long time. The timer can be stopped and reset at any time.

Part of your self development is to live a life in Abundance. This is how life was designed! Our unique feature will assist you in making alterations to your life that will ultimately make you a happy person.

★AFFIRMOTION★ (Affirmations In Motion):
Randomly slides through some of the most powerful affirmations. An affirmation is subliminal text that you repeat in your mind and using repetition your sub-consciousness will alter to believe all the good affirmations ultimately empowering your life!

Choose from 3 topics: Happiness, Health & Wealth , once selected listen to an array of powerful affirmations.

This feature allows you to choose people from your phone and send them a Blessing using our random blessing generator, enter manually or even use our voice to text option and speak out your blessing!

If you are experiencing any problems please email:

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Comments and ratings for Alura : Cognitive Therapy Full
  • (58 stars)

    by CT Magnus on 09/01/2014

    Had app for Three years. Need new App with variety of tunes, great app works like they say.

  • (58 stars)

    by Marie Hansen on 08/08/2013

    I particularly like the sleep app and the energise one.

  • (58 stars)

    by Elizabeth Gambarova on 10/05/2013

    I feel there are a lot of issues with the interface, you could make it much better.. I did not explore sound yet but I'm sure it will work fine :-)

  • (58 stars)

    by john casey on 30/01/2013


  • (58 stars)

    by A Google User on 16/11/2012

    New load of MIUI on galaxy nexus yielded no results. Sound is fine in the menus.

  • (58 stars)

    by caleb on 14/11/2011

    So great
    Amazing product! A trillon stars!

  • (58 stars)

    by Jonathan on 05/09/2011

    Do not buy until the app truly supports download to SD card