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Bicycle Power Meter

Bicycle Power Meter

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1. The Bicycle Power Meter provides the most accurate power, energy, and % grade measurements in addition to typical cycle computer functions (elevation, speed, cadence (see below notes), mapping, logging, and charting with no external sensors, hardware or calibration required). The Bicycle Power Meter provides these features at a tiny fraction of the cost of conventional power meters and with no monthly subscription fee. The app is also compatible with the Zephyr Bluetooth HxM Heart Rate Monitor and (beta) ANT+TM compatible heart rate, speed and cadence sensors1. Try the app with no risk: we will provide support to help get the app to run to your satisfaction or a refund will be issued.

2. The best available smartphone resources (GPS, barometer pressure sensor, accelerometers, weather & elevation services, etc.) are used to achieve the best accuracy.

3. % braking energy can be viewed (user option) to give insight into how hard you brake into a turn.

4. Routes are plotted and graphed in the app, in real time with option for audio speech.

5. Route paths are color scaled in real time based on the users preference. One click changes the scale: power, speed, elevation, % grade, cadence or heart rate (with Bluetooth HRM) to map where on the ride significant events occurred.

6. A screenshot of the statistical data with the color coded map along with the raw data files (.csv .gpx and .tcx formats) can be easily emailed. .tcx format includes key parameters (speed, power, elevation, cadence, heart rate, etc.) to allow uploading to other analysis programs such as Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, Strava, Golden Cheetah, Google Earth, etc.

7. The accuracy of the power meter has been tested against state of the art, major brand named power meters.

8. Without calibration (only entering rider's weight and choosing bicycle type), average power for a given ride typically correlates to within 15% (with no drafting) of a conventional power meter.

9. Wind speed and direction effects are included! (with internet connection using local weather information, drafting effects not included).

10. Several default bicycle types are available to choose from, or bicycle weights and coefficients can be customized.

11. The app will run in the background.

12. English and Metric Units available. Set in user preference menu. English, German, Spanish, French language support.

13. Reload ride data to show progress and compare rides.

1For a list of ANT+ compatible sensors, visit Note that an ANT+ enabled mobile phone is required. See for details.

See F.A.Q. at for more detail.

***NOTE*** For some phones when the screen is turned off, the phone's accelerometers are disabled and the cadence data may be unavailable. This limitation has been documented in a number of other apps including pedometers. Using the screen lock feature can bypass this.
* For best results, prior to riding, under menu>preferences, select the phone's handlebar mounting orientation (portrait or landscape). If carrying in a jersey back pocket, set relative to the phone's orientation compared to looking forward at the handlebars.
* The cadence RPM and averages are tuned to power strokes detected from the phone's low power accelerometers while moving (i.e. not back-pedaling, downhill/coasting, etc.) and is more accurate as the power output increases above 1W/kg.
* The cadence sensitivity can be adjusted under menu>preferences. The default 'nominal' setting has so far produced the best sensitivity while minimizing spurious high readings.
* Noise may be observed in instantaneous readings depending on riding conditions (such as rough or off-road), riding styles, rider's power to weight ratio, and phone hardware.

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Recently changed in this version

Ver 4.7.0: Added error checks for bad ANT+ data, improved pause function.
Ver 4.6.7-4.6.9: improved elevation startup / bug fix.
Ver 4.6.6: calorie correction with HRM, ANT+ improvements, weather service wind update frequency increased to every 4 minutes.
Ver 4.6.5: .tcx fix for ANT+ HRM
Ver 4.6.4: .tcx update.
Ver 4.6.3: Added ANT+ Speed (beta). Improved ANT+ startup.

Comments and ratings for Bicycle Power Meter
  • (74 stars)

    by Rogelio de la Guardia M. on 25/08/2014

    Impressive customer service and support.

  • (74 stars)

    by Stephen Smith on 06/08/2014

    Love this app. I'm from a windy area ( Brighton, UK) and unfortunately the weather on screen rarely correlates to what is happening in front of me, both wind speed and direction. Could you allow us to update the refresh period / select another source which is more accurate, or even enter the wind speed and direction manually?

  • (74 stars)

    by Phil Heid on 28/07/2014

    This is really awesome and worth every penny. I would love to see support for Pebble and other smart watches. I'd ultimately like to leave my S4 in my jersey pocket, and have MPH, trip odo, and elevation on my Pebble.....

  • (74 stars)

    by Jose Quesada on 20/07/2014

    Very good app with a lot of information for a cheap price. The developer help to resolve a issue very fast and was on Sunday.

  • (74 stars)

    by David Morrell on 26/06/2014

    Has to be 5 stars! These guys are geniuses. They must be rocket scientist athletes. I have several bikes and like to train and race my road bike as well as train on my trail bikes. I can get power on any bike now. The app is easy to use and they update it frequently with enhancements. Ant+ enabled for hrm and other sensors. Tech support is fast, I got several responses in the middle of the night.

  • (74 stars)

    by Dave Taylor on 11/06/2014

    Only had froze one or two times in about a thousand miles of riding. Really helps to see performance gains without spending a thousand bucks on a real power meter. If your on a three hundred dollar starter bike like me this is the way to go. My next bike will have a real power meter but this app rocks for now.

  • (74 stars)

    by James Orenstein on 20/05/2014

    I'm only an occasional rider & am amazed how much useful info this app can provide for the casual user. Also like having the pedometer version for walks with family.