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Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary

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Achieve your weight loss and healthy eating goals with MyNetDiary - MyNetDiary helps you plan your diet, track food and exercise, make better food choices, and achieve your goals faster.

MyNetDiary is based on proven science - it's rated as the #1 mobile diet app in an independent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The New York Times, comparing to MyFitnessPal, calls MyNetDiary “simpler… quicker… Also, it looks nicer."

MyNetDiary is the easiest and most comprehensive diet app available on Android, with a huge 600,000 foods database, barcode scanner, and great diet tips and analysis helping you stay motivated for healthy weight loss.

- Featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, NPR Morning Edition, Health Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and more.

MyNetDiary has already helped over 4 million people work toward their diet goals – so why not start on your goal today!

* "The most easy to use diet app in the World, and I have tried them all. Very extensive db, it rarely misses a food entered.”
* "This app is awesome!!! I use it on my phone and online. It keeps me on track with my diet."
* "Great app. Being able to scan barcodes makes input extremely easy."
* "This app is great for weight loss. Keeps track of my calories, exercise, weight, and helps me reach my goal.”
* "This is the only program in 20 years that has actually helped me lose weight by easily tracking calories.”

✓ #1 food database - over 620,000 foods. 320,000 foods entered by MyNetDiary and 300,000 popular foods contributed by our members. UPDATED DAILY.
✓Barcode scanner included.
✓The only app that searches as you type.
✓ Up to 45 nutrients, including carbs, protein, all types of fat, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, and vitamins
✓ Multiple servings for most foods - grams, oz, cups
✓ PhotoFoods included: if a food is not in the database, send photos from the app and we will enter the food for you!
✓ Daily and Weekly Analysis Tool - learn how you can improve and eat more healthfully
✓ Track your water intake
✓ Offline-enabled, syncs foods and exercise with MYNETDIARY.COM (free account included)
✓ High-quality, beautifully-designed app

✓ Very fast and easy to use – absolutely the fastest app available for food entry!
✓ Searches foods as you type – finds most foods after entering 3-4 letters
✓ Organizes and remembers your favorites and typical servings
✓ Enter your own custom foods
✓ Create recipes
✓ Detailed food labels and food score
✓ Optional food time tracking

✓ Over 500 activities and exercises available at your fingertips
✓ Calculates exercise calories based on MET - your weight
✓ Allows exercise calorie entry - great for body monitors and exercise machines
✓ Track time or distance for running/walking
✓ Enter your own custom exercises

✓ Set your target weight
✓ Plan for your target date or desired weight loss rate
✓ Calculates target calories, weight maintenance calories, BMI and BMR
✓ Calculates based on your age, height, weight, gender and activity level
✓ Includes weekly exercise planning
✓ Carb, fat, and protein budgets/targets, with energy percentages

✓ Keep track of daily steps, blood pressure, hours of sleep and work
✓ Beautiful charts comparing plan, averages and meals, calories, and measurement charts
✓ Weight progress chart with target weight line
✓ Record and chart all body measurements
✓ Food Scores - understand a food label at glance
✓ Before and After photos
✓ English and metric units

✓ State-of-the-art online website for food and exercise entry
✓ Online Community supported by a Registered Dietitian
✓ Family and private groups, sharing with your doctor, dietitian or coach
✓ MyNetDiary Maximum subscribers get access to advanced website features, including a full set of charts and reports, printing and Excel export

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Recently changed in this version

Fixed issues and improved usability.

In previous update:
1. Easy migration from previous versions, no data loss.
2. Full-featured offline mode, automatic syncing.
3. Diabetes and Health tracking for Maximum users.
4. Many fixes and improvements.

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Comments and ratings for Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary
  • (70 stars)

    by Bob Heliker on 08/12/2014

    Looks great! I appreciate being able to get all parameters in the same app. Will review with my endocrinologist in a couple of days.

  • (70 stars)

    by Matt Champlin on 07/12/2014

    I like this app great for bodybuilding and tracking macros etc. Can you please add the ability to have more than 3 meals and one snack? Like make it possible to add multiple meals and multiple snacks? Then five stars! Thanks.... ALSO. I preplan my meals. Can you make it possible to say preload a day with all your food then the day you actually eat the food mark it off one item at a time. Devs?

  • (70 stars)

    by Philip Riba on 07/12/2014

    I got rid of myfitnesspal because they totally trashed a great app by destroying the recipe builder. I bought this app because it said you can create recipes. Well, this recipe builder is also a piece of crap. You first add foods to a meal and then create what they call a recipe. I hate to inform these yahoos that a recipe is part of a meal. Once you do create a recipe, you can't modify it, that j

  • (70 stars)

    by Anders Mattson on 06/12/2014

    ... that tracks their calories with an app and then broadcasts their enjoyment, but this is a wonderful tool and definitely worth the small investment.

  • (70 stars)

    by Kayla Olmstead on 06/12/2014

    Easy to use, can find virtually any food, or close enough to log calories relatively accurately.. Also enter exercise which is great and which activites. Helps to know how many calories u have left for the day.. . or if ate more than should, can exercise more. And shows tables for overall week, month, how many days you made your goal. Water can also be tracked. I am mostly interested in calories,

  • (70 stars)

    by Anand Sharma on 05/12/2014

    Android 4.4.4 on Sony Xperia Z Tablet. The barcode scanner is UNAVAILABLE and THERE'S NO WAY TO REPORT THE ISSUE. Though I like the app, the inability to report this error easily is greatly disappointing. I reported this error by email & received a response from the developer within a few hours... immensely gratifying. I'm updating my review from 1 star to 3. I've recommended that the developer up

  • (70 stars)

    by Taarin Crisafulli on 05/12/2014

    I decided to pay for a decent tracking app. Paid my Money but during set up it told me I had not purchased it. Thus far, I haven't been able to use it. This is obviously a pre existing problem as I saw someone else mention it in a review. Hopefully my rating will change once I can actually use the thing!!