Dumbbell Exercises for Chest

Dumbbell Exercises for Chest


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Dumbbell Exercises for the Chest

Dumbbell exercises for the chest target the inner, outer, lower and upper pectoral muscles.

Browse through the various dumbbell exercises for the chest (pectoral muscles) below:
Bench Press
Bench Press (Neutral Grip)
Incline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press (Neutral Grip)
Decline Bench Press
Lying Fly
Incline Fly
Straight-Arm Pullover
Bent-Arm Pullover

Futures :
* Dumbbell Chest Exercises Videos
* Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises
* Disadvantages
* Advantages
"Chest presses on stability ball",
"Russian twists",
"Side crunches",
"Side crunches",
"Reverse flies",
"Front raises",
"Upright rows",

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    by Ben Nicholls on 11/01/2014

    I can only assume that the five star reviews have been spammed in. Unusable because of the adverts. Uninstalled.

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    by MANOJ SOLANKI on 21/12/2013

    I think it is nice and easy try it

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    by alaa adaileh on 06/12/2013

    Lag app. Too many unnecessary permissions

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    by Spiky James on 01/12/2013

    As soon as the application starts it says your phone will be taken over by ads and it was. There is a much better way to generate revenue than hijack a phone with ads.

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