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Know when to train, how hard to train & when to rest in order to optimise health & fitness.
Make your training safer and more effective by using the ithlete heart rate variability (HRV) app to choose the best times for you to train and improve your performance.
Getting the balance just right between recovery and training is often a challenge, even for the most experienced athletes. Therefore, it makes sense to use an app, which removes the need for guess work or complex calculations from your training schedule. By judging the right balance of training load and recovery you will reap the benefits in your fitness levels.
By using the ithlete HRV app you will have accurate data and be able to easily measure your daily fatigue and recovery levels. Tracking subjective metrics, such as sleep and diet, in the app also helps identify your most influential factors.

The many benefits of using an HRV App are:
• Optimise fitness
• Manage recovery
• Improve health, fitness & performance
• Enjoy guilt-free rest days
• Avoid overtraining
• Prevent injury
• Tracking long-term progress

How It Works
Training is all about stress and recovery and a hard session will lower your HRV. By using the ithlete HRV app to monitor training stress daily you can adjust sessions according to your body’s current readiness to train, improve and perform.
Simply take a 1 minute measurement every morning and follow the colour coded training recommendation; train as normal, train light or take a rest day.

The human heart is a naturally great barometer for measuring your physical and mental condition. Heart beat intervals vary when you are resting (many people do not know this) and HRV captures this valuable information. Increased HRV is linked to good health and a high level of fitness, whilst decreased HRV is linked to stress, fatigue and even burnout. This is why measuring HRV is a must for all athletes, whether professional or keen amateurs.

The ithlete HRV app requires additional hardware. Users will need either a heart rate monitor chest strap and ECG receiver, Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor strap* or an ithlete Finger Sensor. All are available from

*Device must support Bluetooth Low Energy and be running Android 4.3 or above

Not all mobile devices are compatible with all sensor types, please see the ithlete website for a full list of compatible models and purchasing options.

Please also note the HRV app is NOT the same as a heart rate monitor app, which people use during exercise. The HRV app is an app that uses heart rate variability to diagnose your state of fatigue, recovery and readiness to train and is not used during actual exercise.

The screenshots below are for the latest v3.0 version, and is supported by most new Android devices. Users with devices not capable of running this version will receive the previous 2.3 version

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Recently changed in this version

The ithlete v3 brings a complete interface redesign. Users can record additional metrics alongside their morning HRV measurement to build a comprehensive picture of health and fitness, identifying trends and patterns in the body’s response.

This version (3.4):
- Improved pulse pickup with finger sensor (also now compatible with HTC One)
- Bugfix for missing readings in some timezones
- Improved detection of Bluetooth Smart (BLE) straps & low batt warning
- misc bug fixes & minor improvements

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Comments and ratings for ithlete -Train.Recover.Perform
  • (61 stars)

    by Trent Nemitz on 18/05/2014

    This app works well and is the cheapest of the real HRV options, by far. I do have a little issue with the app recognizing only one bluetooth smart adapter in my room. The app usually finds my fitbit (rather than my bluetooth HRM), then stops scanning. I have to move my fitbit out of the room, cycle the bluetooth on my phone, and cycle the bluetooth adapters in the app before it finds my HRM.

  • (61 stars)

    by Nick Ballantine-Drake on 16/05/2014

    Been using with dongle plus nexus 4 and latest version is a good improvement - it's become my daily diary and not just an HRV tool. Would strongly recommend to anyone wanting to keep an eye on their top-end fitness.

  • (61 stars)

    by Fabio Scala on 16/05/2014

    Finger sensor does not work on my Galaxy S4. Seems to be a very immature product which I would strongly advise against buying until fixed.

  • (61 stars)

    by Guy Blackburn on 12/05/2014

    Works well on s4 with polar h7. Finger sensor was quite sensitive to device volume but no problems at all with the chest belt. Works well

  • (61 stars)

    by Thomas Jarecki on 07/05/2014

    Works very well with a Zephyr Hxm smart and a phone with android 4.3 and above with BT smart in handset (I use nexus 5). Would be nice if the app could include basic heart rate monitoring as well, there are no sports apps in android store which support hrm with BT smart sensors at this moment.

  • (61 stars)

    by ALEXSANDRO DOS SANTOS on 06/05/2014

    It does not work on android.

  • (61 stars)

    by penny kennedy on 03/05/2014

    Works flawlessly on my galaxy note 3. Love this app. Is really helping me to stop overtraining and I'm enjoying running again.