101 Tips For Selling Your Home

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101 Tips For Selling Your Home

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Discover Insider Tips, Tricks, And Tactics For Selling Your Home FAST For The Best Price Possible!

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

★ The very first thing you should do when planning to sell your home.

★ Who you should be listening to for advice.

★ The perils of overpricing your house and how to think realistically.

★ The secret "deal-clinchers" some homeowners forget to advertise.

★ What information homebuyers are likely to want to know about transportation in your area.

★ How to add romance to your advertisements - work's great on newlyweds!

★ Why your yard matters, and what to do about it.

★ The list you should carry around with you when showing your house. Believe me, it will help you sell your home.

★ One simple change to a house that seemed to have no hope that instantly transformed it into the cutest house in the neighborhood (and helped it sell for $900,000).

★ 4 reasons NOT to sell your house (if deep down you really don't want to).

★ How to prepare yourself mentally for selling your house.

★ When to bring a professional in to inspect your house for hidden problems.

★ The test you should have performed on your house to impress potential buyers (and put them at ease).

★ How to bring up recent repairs to prospective buyers in a positive way (that doesn't make them worry).

★ How to put yourself in the buyers shoes.

★ 3 things the law requires you to fix.

★ How simply changing these two things in a room can liven up living areas.

★ How making repairs can actually decrease your profits.

★ How to find out what questions prospective buyers are likely to ask - before they do!

★ How to use word-of-mouth in ways more powerful than you thought possible.

★ The 5 ingredients to selling a house according to Barb Schwarz, a highly successful realtor.

★ The secret to being successful with honesty.

★ 6 tips to placing an ad (including how to write one).

★ The truth about Internet ads versus classifieds.

★ How the perfect ad should look according to Bill Effros (an expert on home-selling).

★ 4 simple words that can double the response to your ad or better.

★ Find out which day is best to run your ad on (to have the best success).

★ 4 tips for preparing and taking phone calls from prospective buyers.

★ 3 simple tips for preparing your home before people start showing up.

★ The little known trick successful sellers use to answer commonly asked questions effectively.

★ How to be firm in negotiations when buyers try to talk you down (by insulting your house).

★ How to legally transfer ownership of your house to the buyer (without making any critical mistakes).

★ 7 items every contract should cover.

★ The power of the "down payment" in protecting you as the seller.

★ 4 reasons why deals sometimes fall through.

★ and much, Much More!

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