99 Karaoke diary



I want to take the top ranking in the country
I want to aim it takes 99 points
If I remain as a record,
I am become a gift to yourself
I also increases motivation and I'll do it again

Camera is able to take just a touch screen
That's what the comment as it is better than over.
Since the image stored on the SD file backup
You can also extract only pictures, even if when.

Press and hold the icon you can delete diary.
Peace of mind will not be removed you have backed up the original image

Of course, can also be used as a travel diary or record.

- What they want to make everyone
 Our motto will share
 Things that can help you in the future
 We made.

How to use

- The camera up and press the "Create a diary with photos"
- Shutter clicks on the touch screen, automatically
  Go to the edit screen comment
- Save (comments OK even without) on the Save button
The images are saved in here for backup.

- Press the "Create a diary from the gallery."
- Select a picture and press the "Select an image to use in the diary"
- Save button to save the edit comment

It looks like this.

[Compatible models]
Although not able to confirm the problem currently,
Can be confirmed, I will continue to improve at any time.

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