Advanced Hypnosis for Newbies

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    Advanced Hypnosis for Newbies

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    If you are currently struggling to keep focused on goals, give up an addictive craving or want to achieve some heady goals then learning the basics of hypnotic suggestion maybe an excellent solution.

    The techniques used in self hypnosis are used by high performance athletes, successful moves and shakers in business and people wanting to give up smoking or stop raiding the cookie jar the world over.

    Self hypnosis is something we actually do all the time. We just may not realise it. Our mind is a powerful thing. Try the following exercise to see how powerful your mind is.

    Imagine you have an orange in your hand. Think about how round and firm it is, and how juicy it is inside. It’s been freshly picked, and has a lovely deep orange colour all over it.

    Now hold out that hand and spend time imagining how it feels in your hand. Take that orange and place it down on a cutting board.

    Take an imagined knife and slice that orange in half, and then half again

    Pick up one of the segments. Feel the cool juices from the orange drip down your fingers as you lift the piece to you mouth. Open your mouth and put the orange inside, biting down on the flesh and letting the juice run down your tongue.

    Think about how it tastes, the sweetness of the citrus juice in your mouth.

    Nearly everyone who does this exercise experiences something quite extraordinary. The taste buds in their mouths are stimulated, and their mouth produces saliva to help the body digest the orange- even though it isn’t real.

    Why does this happen? Because the thoughts we hold in our mind have the power to make physiological changes to our body. Our thoughts can change the way we work, think and behave.

    If a simple exercise imagining eating an orange can make your mouth get read for actually eating it, imagine how effective changing other behaviours can be by repeating a simple idea or creating a powerful visualization.

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