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    Do you love travel? You must have been to many places if you like traveling. And would you like travel by plane? Now you have a best guide now! It will tell you the map of JFK airport and what you should pay attention to when you in this airport. It is useful for people who usually traveling and also the people who has rare experience to a new places!
    Airport Service Guide is a guide to John F. Kennedy International Airport. It can you all information of this airport. If you worry about getting loss in it, we offer you a map of it. If you do not know how to manage yourself after getting out from plane, we offer you a taxi and hotel road. The most great thing is you can see the standard tips. All of them are important for the people who visit this place first time or people do not familiar with this airport!

    1. Tell you information about the JFK airport: When it is developed and who build it and why we give it this name...
    2. It can show you a map of this airport. You will not miss your way in it.
    3. There are 8 terminals in this airport. We will introduce them all for you!
    4. It can show you the pictures of these eight terminals.
    5. We offer you many good and convenient service:
    ---Taxi service: it can tell you how much you should give and some tips you should pay more attention.
    ---Airport hotel service: What is the basic situation of the hotels and motels around this airport.
    ---Car rentals: If you what to stay this place for a short time, you may need a car to make your traveling more conveniently! This service will help you get the way to rent a car.
    ---Airport connections: When you meet some questions that you can not solve by yourself, you may need connect the airport to get help. This service can take you the connection way to you!
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    No matter you can a new visitor or the person who always travel to some new places, you should connected with JFK airport. It is one of the most biggest airport in the world. If you what to reduce the troubles, this app is necessary.
    Download it now, hope it will help you much. If you have any questions, please email me!
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