Almighty flashlight




    Most versatile flashlight software
    Most power flashlight software. Including screen flashlight, LED flashlight, a distress signal, the screen color and other functions, each function corresponding to the brightness control mode can be set to open the flashlight can see the phone at the same time power usage of the software is the essential travel home.

    A versatile flashlight, flashlight can simulate a variety of state, such as ordinary flashlight, traffic lights, distress lights, disco dancing lights, flashlight and so on. Almighty Flashlight (free advertising) - only you will ever need a flashlight. With an amazing selection of light 9 different types to choose from with our flashlights, flashlight flashlight super smart phone software Swiss Army knife. The lamps are available: personal defense flashlight screen lights strobe light alarm and Taser / stun gun safety light bulb police lights Disco lights are available in English and Japanese Language Note: Strobe lighting can cause photosensitive epileptic seizures. Ultra-light flashlight has its own widgets, so you can easily access any amazing lights, directly from your home screen. To their brightest possible future!

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