Alpha-Pattern Lite



We would like to please lovers of handiwork with new application by Sponte!

Perhaps you have tried to weave baubles or friendship bracelets schemes and already know how interesting it is. Our application will help you to create any scheme of Alpha pattern on your tablet or phone.

Program features:
- change knot count of horizontal and of vertical
- Create your own color pallete
- Set color for each knot of your bracelet, trinket and anything you want to string
- When the pattern is ready, you will be able to change color pallete of your strings, and bracelet would recolor another colors


The program allows to delete only unused colors from pallete. If you change color that is in use, the whole scheme will recolor :). Use this feature to recolor the scheme. If you want to delete color, make it unused.

Regards, Sponte team.

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