Animal Flashcards in English



Arcadia Inc. "Animal Cards" is a flashcard application with voice.

"Animal Cards" (English) has the following features:

・50 kinds of animals' illustrations are displayed with their English names.
・Turning to a card, the name will be pronounced by a native English speaker.
・Cards can be either sorted in alphabetical order or shuffled, and played in slide show mode with a speed of either "Fast", "Normal" or "Slow".

"Animal Cards" (English) is an English learning application that could be used anytime, anywhere. It is suitable for learning multiple languages naturally for people of any age.

Besides "Animal Cards", there are "Fruits & Vegetables Cards", "Daily Necessities Cards", and "Alphanumerics Cards". Each variation has English, Japanese and Chinese versions respectively and the voices associated with the cards are all from native speakers.

Please check them out and experience the new life style with your phone.

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