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There is a time to do everything: ”Arcot Panchangam”

Yes, this application will be a handy tool to get the most of your day with accurate Panchangam and daily predictions. Panchangam (Pancha + anga stands for 5 limbs) is a Hindu astrological Almanac, which follows traditional Indian cosmology and presents important auspicious dates and times which are determined by the planetary positions within the zodiac. All instances of time have five characteristics viz. Vaara, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. These five characteristics are detailed for all the days of the year in an almanac which is called Panchangam.

This app presents the following five key attributes of time at your fingertips:

Vara (day of the week)

Thithi (moon phases)

Nakshatra (star group/constellation)

Yoga (relationship between the sun and the moon)

Karana (half of a Vara)

Knowledge of thithi bestows wealth, knowledge of vara increases longevity, knowledge of nakshatra erases sins, knowledge of yoga cures diseases and knowledge of karana ensures success in work. These characteristics are derived from the positions of sun and moon.

The app offers you authentic information based on data obtained from the most famous Arcot Seetharama Iyer “Sarva Muhurtha Panchangam“, published for over 113 years and followed widely by the Hindu community. We proudly present the only Panchangam that is in demand, trusted and followed by many Hindus for over three generations and calculated by the expert vedic Astrologer K.N.Narayanamoorthy, popular for his accurate Panchangam casting and forecast of celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses, weather (rain, dry spells) as well as other mundane occurrences. The calculations are highly trusted and respected by the Astrologers Community.

What's included:

- Access to the Panchanga details for year 2013-2015 with ending time for Vara, Tithi, Nakshtra, Yogam, Karanam.

- Clear and concise daily predictions

- Timings of a day like Nala neram, Raaghu Kalam, Emmakandam.

- Muhurtham of a day

- Vehicle Buying & Selling time of a day

- Money Transaction time of a day

- Learning Timing time of a day

- AuspiciousTiming of a day

- Marriage Fixing Timing of day

- Remedies

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