Art Gallery ikuwashi



The Art Gallery of Ikuwashi is among the most distinguished art piece in Malaysia with over 200 works in its collection, spanning from 1998 to the present.

Now you can bring the gallery with you and experience your Ikuwashi, your way. Wherever you go. The Ikuwashi handheld enable fans to purchase merchandise, feedback to Ikuwashi your opinion and fuel your mind with creativity and inspiration.

Key Highlights:

* Drawing Request - Now you can snap a photo and request ikuwashi to draw for you

* Story Book - Now you can access to ikuwashi newest story book in this app!

* Notification - You can get the latest news, event, drawings from ikuwashi

* Comment - You can send your comment to ikuwashi

- View Illustration from Ikuwashi
- Read Ikuwashi newest story book in this app
- Purchase Ikuwashi art merchandize
- Email Ikuwashi what you wish him to draw
- Feedback your review