Australian Cuisines




    Australian Cuisine today is a blend of cuisine from all parts of the world combined with true indigenous cuisine. The local seafood, lamb roast, kangaroo meat, wichety grubs and other staple Aboriginal foods, Irish stew, meat and four vegs, bangers and mash of the early migrants have now been complemented with lasagna, kebabs, mousaka, sweet and sour pork, dim sums, hot curries, bouillabaisse, venison, Creole carri poule, ghoulash, lahksa, frankfurter dishes and many more. In addition, the advent of tourism has created a whole new range of modern day foods skillfully prepared with the abundant supply of local and imported ingredients. World class Australian wines have also added to the enjoyment of this rich Australian cuisine, enjoyed by all Australians and visitors to the country.

    The Aborigines have been using Australia's natural food resources for the last 40,000 years. Bushfoods include deliciously tangy fruits from the rainforests, aromatic herbs from our woodlands, zingy pepperleaf and delicate snowberries from the southern highlands, spicy bush tomatoes from the desert, and lean rich game meats from kangaroo and emus.

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