Auto Power Saving WiFi



Auto Power Saving WiFi can help android users to save power and extend the battery life.


1. Enable power-saving wifi hotspots for you.

2. Disable wifi network for you when you do not need to connect to the network.

3. Auto turn off wifi for you if there is no power saving wifi around your device.

4. Convenient customized setting button. So you can set the wifi testing frequency and the wifi signal strength values by yourself. In this way, you can choose a power saving wifi to connect according to your own need.


1. Simple operation;

2. Intelligent power saving mode.

3. Easy management of your wifi.

Suitable for:

1. All wifi users, especially those who want to trun off wifi to save power when there is no network is available or there is no power saving wifi.

2. Forgetful wifi users. This app offers you automatic wifi management , which will save you lots of time and trouble.


Auto Power Saving WiFi is a great power saver app for you.

Quick experience it.

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