Awesome 80's



Grow up in the 80's? If so, you need this app! Great conversation starters will have you and your friends reminiscing for hours. Separate categories for games, toys, tv and life memories.

"This app offers a cool trip to the past that may have you recalling some of the craziness and stupid things we watched, followed, and did back then."

- Getting your homework done in time to watch Duck Tales after school?
- Kids and their parents getting slimed in 'Double Dare'?
- Smurfberry Crunch cereal?
- When 'Lite Brite' would entertain you for hours?
- Playing your first 'Leisure Suit Larry' game?

If so, take a trip down memory lane with over 150 memories from the awesome 1980's broken down by category, with more added in each update.

- No internet access required.

- Games (arcade, pc and console)
- Toys
- TV (shows and cartoons)
- Life

Have a fond memory of the 80's that isn't included? Help us to make this the most complete 1980's nostalgia collection ever and email your favorite 80's memories to us at:

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