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If you are working parent and missing your baby for the working days, and want to listen to his/her voice and look at his/her face any time on a day.
If your baby is sick, but you still have to go to work. You worry about your baby all day long.
If you have a babysitter, but you don't trust her much.
If you want to play a song to put your baby to sleep at work
If you sleep in the master bed room and leave your baby in the baby room. You want to find out the baby is
awake without visiting the baby room.

Baby Monitor solves all your problems above. Baby Monitor enables you to take picture, record audio and video
of your baby and email the files to you. and So you can enjoy your baby during the working days. Even more, Baby
Monitor can play a song for your baby, and detect baby's crying. All you have to do is to mount a Android phone
next to the baby crib, and position it to have a good view on your baby.

Take a picture of your baby
Noise Detection and Alert
Record your baby's noise
Video record your baby
Play a song for your baby
Battery life lower than 30% alert

Operation Option 1: Two Android Phones
Install Baby Monitor on both phones, parents use the "Parent Control Panel" to control all activities remotely on the baby's phone.
1a. Setup baby's phone
You have to setup everything except the Parent Control Panel
1b. Setup parent's phone
All you have to do is setup Parent Control Panel

Operation Option 2: One Android Phone and one other device that can send SMS messages. Send SMS message remotely from any device to do the following:

Send SMS message to play a song for your baby
Sound detection and send SMS message and E-mail to alert you when your baby is crying
Send SMS message to record your baby's voice. You specify how long the recording will last. Sound files will be divided into 30 second interval and emailed to you.
Send SMS message to take pictures of your baby The pictures will be emailed to you.
Send SMS message to capture the video of your baby You specify how long the recording will last. Video files will be divided into 30 second interval and emailed to you.
2a. Setup baby's phone only

for help go to menu > Settings > help
or visit

Use the following link to upgrade to Baby Monitor Pro

for the following additional features.

1. Record your baby's noise

2. Video record your baby

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