Baby Sleep Inducer+



Baby Sleep Inducer has been created with the help of many studies
No More Crying and Put your baby to sleep in under a minute!

We have created a sound which is unfamiliar to human ears. With studies and almost a year of testing on hundreds of babies this "whirl" sound on about medium volume can put your infant or baby under 2 years to sleep. This sound can also stop your baby from crying! On a louder volume setting, it instantly can grab a baby and child up to 4 years old attention! The sounds has been noticed to keep crying children confused to what they were upset about and they will stay quiet after. Just shake your phone like a typical rattle and the sound will be emitted from your phone.

Infants 1 yr. and younger: an average of 40 seconds is needed low volume
babies 1-2 years old: an average of 70 seconds is needed low volume

Child 1-4 years old: almost instantly, 10 seconds average.
Infant crying stopping is still being studied with this app.

Just shake your phone to emit the sound!

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