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Baby Talk is the first App of its kind that contains actual baby sounds for your enjoyment. Play with your own child, harass someone or your friends or co works with a crying baby, or just randomly use it and get a kick out of people looking for the baby. Pretend your a parent with a baby in your bag, all by pushing a button on Baby Talk.

This soundboard contains only the highest quality sound effects one can find. Each sound effect is recorded in the highest possible quality sound available. This soundboard and its sound effects are for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of your friends and family. This soundboard can be used to scare friends as well and prank those same people. If you like the sounds effects or this soundboard be sure to let you friends know, as they will also enjoy it, since your friends and have the same tastes in things.

Baby Talk contain 18 different sounds for everyones enjoyment.

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Give it a try today.

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