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The task of the app is to monitor the sleep of your baby and to perform calls to parent’s phone when the baby is crying. It is easy to handle: Choose the settings you prefer, put the smartphone next to your baby and start the app. You will enjoy it.

There are a lot of reasons why you should use the babySitter app. Because smartphones are very complexes gadgets and sometimes complications can occur by the influence of another app, for example. That’s why we have implemented some interesting control mechanisms like parent call or interval call (described in the features). With these possibilities you can ensure that your Smartphone with the app works as you like.

+ The app recognizes the noises of your baby and calls the parent phone.
+ There are a lot of setting possibilities for the individual adaptation of the microphone sensitivity.
+ Parent call: Call the smartphone with the BabySitter app and the app calls you back.
+ Ringtones can be disabled to ensure your Baby a calm sleep.
+ With interval calls the app can call you periodically if you want.
+ Receive emails from the app with the following content: number of noises, runtime of the app, information about battery, state of the app and the calls received since the last mail.
+ Over the Speaker of your smartphone you can speak to your baby.
+ Watch the sleep behavior of your baby in a diagram.
+ Select a lullaby or record your voice to lull your baby to sleep.
+ The app can inform you about low battery by SMS.

Before you buy the app, please get our demo version and test the app for yourself in a detailed way to ensure that this app is the right support for you and your baby.

If you have questions or suggestions please let us know and send us an email at Have a lot of fun with the Babysitter app.

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