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This app will help you bake better bread! It will over time turn into a Bread recipe application and companion in the kitchen.

This is now a simple Baker's percentage calculator that can be used to design and bake recipe's with or without pre ferments.

What is a pre-ferment?

A Pre-ferment is a mix of yeast, flour and water that sometimes also contains salt. This dough is often made the day prior to the bread baking.

The benefit of using a pre-ferment in bread baking are among other things;

- Better taste as enzymes have more time to break down tastless starch molecules into sugars

- Need for less yeast. The pre-ferment works as a natural leaven.


If you want a very simple bread recipe, just press "Calculate recipe".

If you want to use a pre-ferment, just select the "poolish"
pre-ferment type, and use 30%-50% flour in preferment with the slider.

The app is somewhat limited in functionality, but will be developed further. Please comment with feature requests.

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