Ballroom Dancing App



The "Ballroom Dancing App" is the ideal app for everyone who loves and enjoys ballroom dancing.

The app is filled with a great deal of information about all types of ballroom dances, as well as about clothing, venues, judges and much more. It is a complete app for all ballroom dancing enthusiasts.

In the app you will find information about all aspects of ballroom dancing including ...

** The history
** Music
** Competitions
** Getting in Shape
** Clothing
** Media

... and much more for your steps into the world of ballroom dancing.

The app also has a section dedicated entirely to the various types of ballroom dancing, such as ...

** The Fox Trot
** The Paso Double
** The Rumba
** The Tango
** The Jive

... and various others, each of which is clearly explained in an enjoyable and easy to follow writing style.

There is also a video section to the app featuring a number of interesting video clips featuring ballroom dancing including titles like ...

** Learn to Dance Foxtrot
** Learn to Waltz
** Advanced Tango
** Tango Argentina

... and a number of other interesting and educational video clips.

The "Ballroom Dancing App" is the ideal companion for everyone with an interest in ballroom dancing. Whether you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned pro, this app will prove to be an excellent addition to your resources and guides.

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