Bartending information guide



With The Bar Master Bartenders Handbook you will find all the tips and techniques necessary to make your drinks taste like those of a seasoned professional. Take a look at what is inside The Bar Master Bartenders Handbook:

Chapter 1 - Bartending Basics

Basic supplies you will need for a professionally equipped bar
Standard Bar Measures
Glass Ware
Stocking Your Bar
Bar Hints & Tips
Density Chart For Liqueurs
Common Bar Terms
How to Chill Cocktail Glasses
How to Cut Lemon Twists
How to Flame a drink
How to Layer a Cocktail
A recipe for simple syrup
How to Make Sour Mix
How to Muddle a Drink

Chapter 2- Your Responsibilities As A Host

How to Recognize Signs of Inebriation
Dealing with someone who is drunk

With the The Bar Master Bartenders Handbook you will learn the most essential bartender tips and techniques.

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