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    Bazi is an ancient Chinese Metaphysical science that engages in the study of Destiny Analysis. It basically analyzes a person's life path (Destiny), based on his or her Destiny (Bazi) Chart.

    Bazi recognizes "that certain Qi" represented by the Five Elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth) that are present during the year, month, day, and hour of your birth. These Qi interacts with the influence whatever life has in store for you - your career, wealth, relationship, and health prospects etc.
    A Bazi chart is basically plotted by assigning the time-related details of our birth in the forms of the Five Elements, thereby interpreting the arrangement and formation of these Elements to analyze our destiny, people, events and situation in our lives.
    Each Element has Yin and Yang variation, which changes according to time.

    By plotting, analyzing, and decoding our Bazi Charts, we are able to know what awaits us in life, Thus allowing us to capitalize on our strengths and opportunities that arise, as well as work on our weaknesses and strategize on how to overcome challenges.

    Importance of Bazi:
    - Make informed decisions
    - Maximize our potential in life
    - Strengthen our relationships with others
    - Understand other people better
    - Choose right career path
    - Apply classical Feng Shui correctly

    Features Of This App:
    - The app doesn't need internet connection.
    - Creates Bazi Chart along with 10 Decades Luck Pillars, Annual Pillars using your date of birth and time.
    - Shows 10 Gods of each pillars.
    - Show hidden stems for the branches.
    - Displays Symbolic & General Stars related to the pillars.
    - Analyzes 12 life stages of pillars.
    - Analyzes Stem & Branch Interactions In Pillars
    ::3 Branch Directional Combinations(San Hui)
    ::3 Harmony Combinations(San He)
    ::Half 3 Harmony Combinations(Ban San He)
    ::6 Harmony Combinations(Liu He)

    - Analyzes Stem & Branch Harms, Clashes, Punishments, Damages In Pillars
    ::6 Branch Clashes
    ::Stem Clashes
    ::Branch 3-Penalties[Ungrateful/Bullying/Uncivilized] (san xing)
    ::Self-penalties (zi xing)
    ::Branch Six Harms(liu hai)
    ::Earthly Branch Six Damages(liu po)
    - Finds Nine Star Ki & Ming Gua For the Date of Birth
    - Finds favourable & Unfavourable directions for the user based on ming gua.
    - Shows Na Yin 5 Elements information's.
    - Creates/Edits/Saves charts for different date of births(persons) to database and can be viewed whenever required.
    - Finds Useful Gods
    Will put new version with updates

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