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No more noise!

Be Quiet features:
- The app alerts you and your coworkers/pupils if it is too loud.
- You can easily read the current volume level through the color of the smiley displayed.
- The app knows three different volume levels: pleasant, tolerable and annoying
- Every setting is freely configurable.

Noise is one of the most annoying problems people working in open-plan offices face today. There is always someone talking so you cannot concentrate on what you are currently doing. In classrooms, teachers face similar problems. Children want to talk and don't want to listen.

If these problems are familiar to you, Be Quiet is the solution. Instead of nagging and becoming unpopular to your coworkers, just let the app do that for you! If everything is quiet, your smartphone will just display a green smiley. As noise levels rise, the smiley's color will change from green to yellow to red. Whenever the volume stays up for too long, the app will complain acoustically and graphically. It will play a siren sound and blink.

Every single office is different. Be Quiet is prepared to accomodate to your particular situation by being highly configurable. For example, you can change the volume levels at which the different smiley colors are shown as well as the time until the siren sound is played.

Increasing evidence suggests that noise may be activating the natural stress response. In other words, if you want to cut down stress, you also have to reduce the volume level at your workplace. Be Quiet will help you with that!

Why should I buy Be Quiet?
- Be Quiet works! Your coworkers don't try to be mean when they are talking too loudly. They just forgot that others are trying to work. So the app will remind them.
- Be Quiet is fun! If you're a teacher, children will love it. They will learn how to be quiet in school in a playful manner. But this is also true for office spaces.
- Be Quiet is cheap! Instead of buying an expensive noise traffic light, just use your smartphone.

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