Become The Girl That Men Adore

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    If you asked most women today what type of girl men adore and couldn't live without, they would answer that she would have to be an Angelina Jolie lookalike or at the very least be blond, blue-eyed and have killer legs.

    While this type of woman would definitely attract a lot of attention, she actually is NOT the type of woman that men adore.

    Here is a quick look at what you will discover inside...

    # Becoming the Girl Men Adore
    # Being a Woman
    # Women Offer Advice, Men Offer Solutions
    # A Woman's Power to Influence
    # What Do Men Really Want
    # Women Use Words, Men Tune Out
    # Empowering Your Man
    # On the Outside
    # OK – Here We Go: In Bed

    If you want to be the woman that all men adore then you need to understand them. The more you understand about a man and how he processes and functions, the higher your chances of being able to personify his dream woman.

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