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This app has now been discontinued. A completely new (and greatly-improved) version is available free on the Play Store.

Please note that the new version is only compatible with Android version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and newer, so if you have an older version you will have to stay on the old app.

To migrate your beer data to the new version:
Export from the old app (Menu --> Export --> Database export)
Import into the new app (Menu --> import --> Import from old Beermad export files --> navigate to where your export was saved (usually your SD card) then tap on beermad.000.sql)

PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE OLD VERSION OF THE APP, as this acts as an unlocker to the new app, since you have already paid to have a fully-functional version. You may delete the old app's data after migration in order to free-up space on your device.

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