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Looking for the perfect Feathered Friend?

Here you will find Quality hand raised birds for those looking to own a truly beautiful, loving companion.
We specialise in the upbringing & supply of many species of birds.

One stop online shop for bird accessories..
Top grade Feeders that reduce the mess birds make.
Toy Packages ( full of toys we know birds love to play with) Professional advice on bird issues

Food Hygiene is a major concern with birds...Is your bird picking up Bacteria from its food?
You wouldn't even know
Learn about the Safe Food techniques we have for you & your bird

How to stop your bird pooping on you...we can tell you.
Teach Your Bird to Talk...the Easy Way ..our CDs are great. Birds learn quickly

What is on in the Bird Nursery while their growing up?

Come along and be one of our Very Happy Customers!

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